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Recreational Classes

We offer all types of recreational gymnastics classes for ages 3 and up! 


Summer Camps

Pre-School Classes

Various times, Mon-Thur



Birthday Parties


Treat your child to a fun-filled birthday party! We will provide 50 minutes of gymnastics fun and games, 40 minutes of cake and present time for a total of an hour and half and best of all, we clean up!


Tumbling / Advanced Rec:

Beginning Tumbling: This is a beginner tumbling class focusing on the basic skills needed to perfect cartwheels, roundoffs, back bends, handstands and build to back hand springs.

Intermediate Tumbling: This is an intermediate tumbling class focusing on the skills needed to perfect back hand springs and back tucks.  Gymnasts must be able to do a back hand spring with minimal spot to join this class.

 Advanced Rec: Our Advanced Rec class is for girls age 7+ who have progressed beyond the beginning recreational class and are interested in learning more difficult skills.  This is a good stepping stone to our STARS team.  Class is 75 minutes. 



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Boys and Girls Recreational

We offer a wide variety of courses ranging from 12 months to adults of any age! From our parent-tot classes all the way through our team gymnastics and tumbling classes ....

Specialty Classes

We offer several specialty classes to choose from.  Find one that suits you ....

Stars Team

The Stars Team Program offers an opportunity for our recreational students to advance to a semi-competitive level ....


Multiple camps to choose from. Pick one that fits you ....

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