Pre-School Classes

We offer several Pre-School Class times to choose from.  Find one that suits you ...


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Pre-School Classes

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Birthday Parties


Treat your child to a fun-filled birthday party! We will provide 50 minutes of gymnastics fun and games, 40 minutes of cake and present time for a total of an hour and half and best of all, we clean up!


Pre-School Classes 



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Mini Tumblers
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Our 2-3 year old toddler/parent program. This class is family fun designed to assist parents in helping their children age 2-3 years with developmental movement and sensory motor experiences in a structured free play class. This program concentrates on building that special relationship between parent and child in a safe, playful, enriching environment and is designed for continued motor skill development. Class will begin with structured activities to offer fun, along with cooperative and social skill development. This is a 45 minute class.

Little Tumblers/Advanced Little Tumblers
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Our 3-4 year olds are Little Tumblers and 4-5 year olds can progress into the Advanced Little Tumblers. These classes are designed to give each child a chance to learn a variety of skills that will enhance his/her independence, physical abilities, and coordination. These classes are 50 minutes.


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Boys and Girls Recreational

We offer a wide variety of courses ranging from 12 months to adults of any age! From our parent-tot classes all the way through our team gymnastics and tumbling classes ....

Pre-School Classes

We offer several Pre-School class times to choose from.  Find one that suits you ....

Stars Team

The Stars Team Program offers an opportunity for our recreational students to advance to a semi-competitive level ....


Multiple camps to choose from. Pick one that fits you ....

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